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The Hidden Treasures
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Article by Catherine Shainberg, PhD

An audio interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek about the Blue School Teachings

About Claudette Melchizedek

Claudette Melchizedek started learning about guided imagery in 1981 from Dr. Catherine Shainberg. She immediately incorporated the techniques and processes into her life.

Through her own personal use of imagery Claudette found how profoundly powerful and transformational these techniques can be. Only 31 years of age at the time, her discovery of the Blue School Teachings started her off on a whole new path. As Claudette puts it, “It became the only thing I wanted to do from that point on". With that energy, Claudette proceeded to work one on one with individuals for almost 25 years.

She had many years of learning while working in hospital settings with cancer, and purely physical issues. It was later on in this workthat she began to address the person's consciousness and the journeys that are taken to return to true health. It was during that time that the ideas for group work and a larger vision of what she could inspire began. Those invaluable years allowed Claudette to build up her own library of powerful imagery processes that take people right to the center of their own source and create instantaneous transformation in their lives and state of being.

Claudette has raised five children and is blessed with beautiful grandchildren. When she is not working and teaching she spends time with family and pursues her passion for horses and the outdoors. She finds gratitude and peace in the moments between work by being fully present in her home life.